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May 2008 revelation by Brother Bob, i.e., Obama, arrestees, destruction, judgment, and more…

A week or so ago I played my home voice mail and heard: “Brother, hear the word of the LordObama is a stealth candidate for the Muslims”. However, due to sponsoring a visiting family I delayed calling him until a few days ago; so here’s the story:

Bob had personally heard Obama say in a speech he was “…campaigning for the fifty-seven (sic) (as in 57) states”. As Bob prayed the Lord said, “Dig deeper!” Apparently, there are 57 “Islamic states or sheikdoms” across the globe. [That sums up his true allegiance. Now you know why he was pictured NOT saluting the flag.] Further, my notes say, “Obama: ‘Plans are on record to disarm the USA’”, [My insert: Now you know why he was recorded saying “Americans cling to religion and guns”. My notes also say “Manchurian Candidate?”

Bob was awakened at 11:43 PM a week or so ago, hearing the “Heavenly Father say, “Look at this’”. As he watched the vision begins to unfold. He saw groups of people being marched. They were haggard, ragged, dirty, and smelly, with horror on their faces and terror in their eyes. They were shuffling along in a horrific state. However, on the left side of their chest was either a red, blue, green or yellow circle. Within the circle was an upside-down cross! The words came, “Remember the Jews!” These are Americans [born again] Christians and Jews too, with a yellow star on their chests. The Christians CAME FIRST in the vision! The desperate thoughts then sweeping through European Jews was to get to Israel at all costs. [I’ve been trying to get that across to the any and all Jews since 1999!]

click for story US Gov, Foreign Troops & Local Police Prepare For Martial Law in 2013

The message is clear about the colors: Red to be terminated immediately; Blue to be interrogated, then terminated; with Yellow and Greens to be reeducated (if possible) and/or used as workers in the now existing extermination camps. [My insert: This is what I have been warning you all about for over 12 years.] The words then said, “It is a lot closer than you think!” He then said, “My eyes were open. I was watching this “trail of tears’ and I guess it is highly reminiscent of that which the Seminole Indians must have faced as they left Florida under military guard. It was a death march; they (the born again Christians and Jews) were [color] grouped together

Obama Assassination Plot By Israeli-Vatican Faction Foiled

The marching people looked at me through eyes of terror. I heard them say from within their spirits,
’This is the USA; this cannot be happening here! This should not happen here! What have we done wrong?’ The words from heaven came: It is later than even you [Bob] think”

If Obama becomes the Democratic candidate there is a strong possibility he will be assassinated. This will plunge the US into chaos they are not prepared for. If this happens the foreign troops [in the USA, which I’ve been warning about since 1994] will be revealed. It’s too late for America.

I have called to America and they have refused me. I will remove my right hand of protection, and then judgment will come in FULL force. [My insert: It has, by numerical surety, already began with 9-11-01 andHurricane Katrina] Remember, I destroyed Sodom and Gomorrahbecause of homosexuality. [Insert: Bob had already been warned prior to the recent California legal decision to allow homosexual marriage, that: “They are going to approve homosexual unions in a court ruling. I have told you before it happens.”]

The Father continued: “I am going to take the weight of the sin of murdered [in-the-womb] babies and homosexuality and place it on the California [geologic] fault line”. The weight of the sin kept up until the whole shelf went into the Pacific Ocean. San Francisco was specifically mentioned. Thus, the [many] isles in the Pacific were hit by a massive tsunami; they were destroyed. The back wash of the tidal wave returned and went all the way to western side of the Rocky Mountains. [This has also been seen before by other prophets of God!] . The backwash will cover a vast swath of the USA and there will be new seashore property. “As I buried Sodom and Gomorrah beneath the Dead Sea so shall I do with California due to the sin of abortion and homosexuality.”

click for link N.Y. legalizes gay marriage

Our western defenses of the USA will be gone. The other nations of the world will not lift a finger to help the USA. They will be rejoicing with glee. Cuba and Chavez with Venezuela will hit the under bellyof the USA. Our economy will be broken and destroyed forever.

thank god that portions of this prophesy have been delayed thanks to the actions and  prayers of good people and christians across the world but time is running out

September will be critical. If Obama is killed there will be no elections. The last quarter of 2008 and the first quarter of 2009 will be terrible.[I recall back in 2007 where the Lord told Bob that 2008 will open the blood gates as well as the gates of hate in the USA.] [As a side note, it is noted that several [born again] Christian servicemen have been prodded by the Holy Spirit, for unknown reasons, to be home before September.] September is a crossroads month.

John McCain says something about 2013. How can McCain know? Bob asked the Lord, “Father what is this?” The response was, “All will be revealed in due time; get on the phone and call Al [to get this recorded]” Bob got up with the thought,” This is worse than a horror movie.” And for the third time in the vision the Lord spoke, “My son, this is a lot closer than even you think”.

The abortion issue: a conflict of rights

Bob wept, “But Father…!! America has abandoned Me! So I shall abandon her to her fate. He was adamant! I am abandoning America and so remember, the rain falls on the just and the unjust! “But Lord what about the praying and fasting Christian believers?” His answer: “It is too late.” The Lord walked off the East Coast and ascended an unseen staircase into heaven. He walked away! Deeply saddened he ascended the unseen staircase into heaven and turned and sat on his throne.

Bob was shown the beautiful marble and the mingled gold within the throne; as well as a sea of pure liquid sapphire in front of it. In back of and around the throne in a 270 degree arc were angels standing. They had dazzling white raiment and golden hair with blue-green eyes. They were singing praises to Him that sat on the throne. Also in the host were warrior angels in full battle dress; all in ranks of battalions and brigades. Their question was: “How long will it be before you release us?” The response, “It is sooner than any of you think”. 

Far out in front of the throne, in the remaining 90 degree opening was the Earth. It was getting darker and darker. The Lord spoke, “The sinners (and sins) of the world are trying their best to deny me and my existence. I shall shatter the darkness! When they then turned and looked at Him they had the same look of horror that the [born again, marching] Christians and Jews had on their faces. The great decline will be in 2009.

Tornadoes and hurricanes that have never been experienced before will strike. The Lord also said, “I am going to take America by storm!” [I hate to think it will be worse than what we have seen already in 2008.] This will be the means to break the American banks. From HEAVEN: ”The Federal Reserve is not federal, rather is a clandestine bank of the New World Order that comes directly from the Old World banks and bankers”.

Bob was told, “Know [all of] this! Get it to a living repository so what has been spoken will be known”. [As in, “Surely the Lord GOD will do nothing, but he revealeth his secrets unto his servants the prophets”. AMOS 3:7 KJV]

Respectfully submitted in the Name of the Lord, as well as notes and memory will permit,

Al Cuppett

(In December of 1992, Larry Taylor had a small, but effective ministry through his newsletter, The Amos Report.  In it, he documented a vision that the Lord gave him.  That vision is even more pertinent today than it was in the early 90′s.  Although the newsletter is no longer in circulation,   Please pay close attention – because The Door, is almost shut.)

The Door

I saw in a vision a great, massive and wonderful door. The Door Openingdoor opened into a great room of mighty proportion and size – A room of great glory. But my attention was mostly on the door.

I tried to look at the height of the door, but it was so tall I could not see the extent of it. Then I tried to see the width of the door, but it was so wide that I could not see the full width of it. The door was so massive, great and strong.

The door seemed full of the glory and purpose of God. It also was the only way into this glorious room.

I inquired of the Lord what the door was and what it represented. The answer I received was John 10:7 –

“Then said Jesus unto them again, Verily, verily, I say unto you, I AM THE DOOR of the sheep.”

John 10:9-11

“I am the door: by me if any man enter in, he shall be saved, and shall go in and out, and find pasture. The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly. I am the good shepherd: the good shepherd giveth his life for the sheep.”

I was standing in the great, glorious room when I heard a great noise and my attention was brought back to the massive door. I saw that the door was moving to shut. It was moving and made a great noise – It was almost shut. But I saw that it was still opened about a foot. But I knew that the door was slowly closing!

I could see millions of people on the other side of the door wanting to get in – but they were moving slow. I knew that if something wasn’t done to speed them up, the door would shut and they would be left outside.

I heard a great thunder and looked out through the opened crack in the massive door. I saw a mighty storm closing in on the millions of people outside the door!

The clouds were terrible, low and dark. The lightning Darkness Falling 2was savage and the wind was strong. I could see that there was no escape for them from this storm – Only through this massive, great door was safety!

I went over to the door and leaned out, against the wind, and began to call to the millions of people to hurry. I yelled that the door was closing, and if they didn’t come in through the door, there would be no place of safety for them!

I then heard a mighty voice over the storm and louder than all the thunder outside storm.

The great voice said:


Long walkway with man glowing - conceptI saw a group of people, shining as the sun, with the glory of God all around them. They went through the foot wide crack in the door, into the storm. As they went, they formed a single file, in line, one after the other – into the storm.

Outside the door, the storm’s wind was now so strong that people were being blown down upon the earth. Yet, the wind had no effect on the Mighty Ones.

The Mighty Ones began working quickly, together, side by side, with a singular purpose. Immediately, I saw a great grain harvest being poured through the foot wide crack in the great door. It flowed onto the floor of the room.

The Lord then let me know that the room was the Lord’s Garner, a place of storage and protection,Harvest Floor that He had prepared it for the grain.

Grain was pouring through the crack in the door in a mighty surge and then I heard a great trumpet blast and the words, “ISAIAH 60 IS FULFILLED!”

Isaiah 60:1-5

“Arise, shine; for thy light is come, and the glory of the Lord is risen upon thee. For, behold, the darkness shall cover the earth, and gross darkness the people: but the Lord shall arise upon thee, and his glory shall be seen upon thee. And the Gentiles shall come to thy light, and kings to the brightness of thy rising. Lift up thine eyes round about, and see: all they gather themselves together, they come to thee: thy sons shall come from far, and thy daughters shall be nursed at thy side. Then thou shalt see, and flow together, and thine heart shall fear, and be enlarged; because the abundance of the sea shall be converted unto thee, the forces of the Gentiles shall come unto thee.”

As I watched the great surge of precious grain pouring through the crack in the door, Acts 6:7 came to me:

“And the word of God increased; and the number of the disciples multiplied in Jerusalem greatly; and a great company of the priests were obedient to the faith.”

Caught in the stormAs the storm was about to break forth in its terrible fullness, the gathering of grain stopped. I then heard a voice cry, “PSALM 91!”

“He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty. I will say of the Lord, He is my refuge and my fortress: my God; in him will I trust.” (Please read all of Psalms 91)

Then I heard a loud roar as the door closed with great shaking and a bang – The door shut completely. There was an overwhelming feeling of finality when the shaking of the closing of the door stopped and then silence came.

It was then that I heard the screams and cries for help from the other side of the door. But the door would not be opened – There was no help for them.

Matthew 24:51 –

“And shall cut him asunder, and appoint him his portion with the hypocrites: there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth.”

Matthew 25:46 –

“And these shall go away into everlasting punishment: but the righteous into life eternal.”

Then the sound from the other side of the door was drowned out by the great rejoicing and praise of those in the great, glorious room!Worship

Larry Taylor’s Blog can be found at:


The Words of Jesus are Literal
Science is Revealing the Truth in the Bible

Glory to God what an incredible time we live in.   Jesus told us that ALL the mysteries will be revealed and indeed they are.  Tribulation-Now has published a number of articles in the past about this amazing reality.  And God Bless Jonathan Kleck and his amazing teachings of this supernatural dynamic associated with the mystery of the “seed of the serpent” vs. the “seed of the woman”.  AMEN.

Some of the related articles written here on Tribulation-Now include:

Scientists Unravel the Mystery of Iniquity

Demon Seed Day One (Part One)

The Greatest Deception is the Genetic Abomination


Before I continue, I will leave you with this quote:

“[A]bout the time of the end, in all probability, a body of men will be raised up, who will turn their attention to the prophecies, and insist upon their literal interpretation in the midst of much clamor and opposition.[65]“

– [65] Rev. J. W. Brooks “The Literalism Elements of rophetical Interpretation”. E. G. Dorsey, Printer.Philadelphia USA 1840. V. Preface. page VI

Praise Jesus – Welcome to my world.   The Bible is an UNDERSTATEMENT.


The DNA Structure – The Battle of Good and Evil

Here below is an amazing testimony of a 16 year old young lady from South Africa.  It is an astonishing confirmation of the battle of good and evil and how it lives within us from birth.  It is again a supernatural confirmation of the truths found in the Bible from Genesis through Revelation.  It is a confirmation of the Daniel 2:43 problem where “they” mingle themselves with the seed of man.


I pray this both edifies and blesses you with the reality of how our science, indeed God’s science, is found in our Holy Bible.


DNA Structure ~ A Word from I AM to His True Set-Apart Bride in these End Times
July 9, 2013 at 6:23am

… given through His beloved daughter, Sarah (16 years old) on 5th July 2013 … Please NOTE that this Word from the mouth of Yahushua haMashiach is not specific to South Africa only, but is for His Set-apart Bride collectively.

Yeshua stood next to me dressed in white light, He stretched out His pierced hand and said: “Come with Me My Sarah Princess, My Deborah warrior”… It was as if we were eagles, flying over South Africa. He showed me different things in the country. I saw fires in many places, Yeshua smiled and said: “It’s My fire, My Spirit is fanning the flame in the hearts of those who choose to walk the road less traveled, in those who chose to let go of the passions of the flesh, I am busy in this country you call home, My love. There are many things to come as you know…

I see a big statue of Nelson Mandela with a rainbow around it, Yeshua looked at it and turned His face… “Sarah look at the way people make an idol out of man – REPENT THEREOF. Then He said: “The nation’s pride will come to a fall.” I saw the statue slowly diminishing on the inside until there was nothing left on the inside of the statue, but it was still standing. I saw people crying, lots of people stood in groups and cried.

“Tell those who so humbly and faithfully stand in the gap for this nation, pray and plead for this nation that they will soon start to see the fruit of their supplication.” While He said that I saw many people praying and repenting for the things in this country.

“My love, remember I said in My Book, I put before you light and darkness, blessing and curse, and you have the choice, which one do you choose? You are between 2 Kingdoms My love, at the same time I am busy, the wicked one is also busy… I AM shining My glorious light through the words of My prophets and messengers and those who give ear will receive blessing, the blessing of knowing the truth and having it make you free.

I want to speak to you about what I am busy with so that My people can catch up with My heartbeat, so that they can dance in the rhythm of My ways, My truths, My desires…

I am busy gathering My bride into the ark where she will be safe. It is only those who have cleansed their DNA, those who have pure blood that can enter. Sarah, tell My people to give attention to what I will tell you now, it is very important, it is a matter of purity and harlotry, salvation and deception, luke-warmness and fire… Give ear!”

The next moment it was as if I was inside of a body and I see conception taking place, the sperm cell and the egg cell colliding, merging and ‘becoming’ a baby. I see the seed in very much detail; there were these little things like white vessels that looked like trees inside the seed and at the same time, while I was looking at that, I also saw that the seed is like a book and there are many, many words inside that very tiny seed.
Yeshua started to speak to me about the DNA once again… “My love, do you see, look at it, it’s beautiful… out of these little tiny seeds a human grows, inside of these little seeds I put everything for a baby to grow, it is perfect (it was very, very special to see Yeshua so excited about how perfect and amazing and AWESOME He made the human body, soul and spirit). Look inside the seed, do you see the written things? It is a code, it’s a DNA code, it’s far above what any human can understand. That code, My love, determines who that baby will be, that code will form its character, personality, likes and dislikes. It forms the body and it forms the soul, but not the spirit. The spirit is born of Spirit, My Spirit. In your spirit you inherit My DNA when you are saved, but this DNA, this seed and inheritance, is not saved yet. Sarah, inside of that seed is blessing and curse, sin and righteousness as an inheritance from your fathers.

This DNA is very, very important. Inside of the DNA code, there are supposed to be key essentials so that your body and soul can function the way I purposed them to. These seeds in the DNA are love proteins, and when you are born, the seed will sprout if it is exposed to the right elements. The mother and father are to nurture, comfort, affirm, accept and love this gift from Me and the result will be gender identity and spiritual identity, a healthy and whole soul and body. But now the babies are being exposed to trauma – even at birth – with the way this precious child comes into this world. The children are vulnerable to whatever the parents expose them to, even in the womb, and it has a great effect on them. It is the parents work to build the child’s identity through teaching them to find their identity in Me, but they are exposed to the trauma of rejection…

This DNA speaks all the time. It speaks of every word written inside of it. You can hear it and I can hear it too, you hear it in your mind every day. Sarah, your inherited DNA affects your soul and body in a great great way. Let Me explain to you how it affects you in a physical and mental way.

Your soul area is your mind, will, emotions, desires. The seed in your DNA grows like trees throughout your soul. For example, if you inherited a seed of rejection, that seed will carry the hurts and pain of the generations before you. That seed is in you and when you experience any kind of trauma, trauma at birth, as a child, or any kind of trauma, the seed sprouts and a stronghold forms inside your soul. A stronghold forms to suppress the pain. The stronghold is always rooted in pride, and fear keeps it in place. These trees are rebellion against Me. This tree bears ungodly fruit in your soul like perfectionism, judgment, fear, pride……

Because I love you so dearly and because you struggled so much as a little girl to understand why ‘this Father of love’ would create imperfect, disabled little babies I will show you why this happens.

This seed of rejection, for example, can affect your body in many ways, sometimes the sickness manifests in a later stage because of trauma, and other times, because of open doors in the mother and father. Because of generational curses, spirits latch on to the DNA and the baby can be born with a defect, a disease or disabled. It is part of the curse that came upon man at the fall. Sarah, there are many things I want to teach you about the DNA. My people have a lack of knowledge!

I also want to teach you about the DNA structure: It is an order. There are 2 orders – the one comes out of hell and the other out of Who I AM! Out of hell comes the order of Baal and man plays harlot with it, and I will call My order the order of I AM! This is the structure in your DNA.

Inside the order of Baal is the structure, the nature and the seed of lucifer. Curse is a result of it, most sicknesses are a result of it, spiritual death is a result of it, poverty is a result of it and destruction is a result of it. I have spoken to you a lot about the pure bride and about what it means to be the pure bride. The pure bride has My DNA, she has My structure, My order, My nature and My seed in her. Blessing is a result of it, life is a result of it, prosperity is a result of it, holiness and righteousness are a result of it.

My bride has I AM flowing through her veins while the harlot bride – that has not cleansed her DNA – has hell operating through her … mixed seed. My people are playing harlot because they have the order and the structure of Baal in them – that is why they are double minded, that is why they are still sick. Even though by My stripes you were healed, they have remained still sinful, unholy and unrighteous, but they call themselves Christians. I tell you the word Christian is reserved for those who are lukewarm. You are either My bride, holy, pure and righteous, building your spirit house upon the Rock of Ages, living in My Kingdom, or you are a ‘Christian’, lukewarm, so-called saved but deceived, so-called good but led astray without even knowing it. This ‘Christian’ is part of the harlot, she is in fact worse than the sinner because she is the same as the sinner in heart, but she thinks she is good.

My people, if you want to go into the ark like Noah, you have to cleanse your DNA through applying My blood through repentance, through petitioning in My heavenly courtroom. Remember, your spirit can be holy and righteous and you can think you are on the right road because of it. But if you do not take the next step through cleansing your DNA and working on your soul dimension, you are divided within yourself – in your spirit, on fire, and in your soul, cold, and therefore you are mixed, mixed and lukewarm. My bride is not mixed, she is single minded and in unity with Me, one in soul and spirit.

I want My people to break down the altar, the order and the structure of Baal in your blood (DNA) that your forefathers have cast up. Like Gideon had to break down the altar of Baal.

Judges 6:25-26 Tear down the altar of Baal that your father has, and cut down the wooden image that is beside it; and build an altar, to the LORD your God on top of this rock laid in proper order [proper arrangement].

I was petitioning and repenting for my DNA and while I did that I saw a vision of inside of my body, I saw the many blood vessels, and Yeshua took me inside of my blood where He showed me how my DNA looks in the spirit. I saw the structure of the DNA and I saw 2 doors inside of my DNA (blood). There was a black door and a golden door. The golden door was closed and the black door was open. Out of the black door the DNA structure flowed, on the black door was written- ‘Order of Baal/Curse’ and on the golden door was written ‘I AM (which is filled with the FULLNESS of ABBA’s character, attributes, nature, in the name of I AM is the fullness of who He is)/Blessing.

There were things written on the black structure that flowed out of the black door. I recognized it as pride and rebellion against I AM (everything YHVH stands for), the nature of hasatan. So I started to pray for I AM’s light to shine in my DNA and I just started to repent of generational sin as Ruach haKodesh revealed it to me. He went really deep and I carried on for hours. While I was busy repenting I saw the structure going back into the black door, like it was being reversed. I literally saw Yeshua inside of my blood, He closed the black door (shattered the order of Baal and curses) and the door and the structure disappeared. It is as if the black door was a gateway of hell.

Yeshua said: “Each and every human has these 2 doors in their blood; hell operates through the black door through pride, rebellion and curses – it is his nature flowing out of it; while I AM and blessing flows through the way, the truth and the life. My people, you are in a DNA war, awaken and see that the battle you are in is a blood battle, the enemy is out to defile your blood. Break down the order of Baal inside of you through repentance and petitioning. Your DNA is who you are, it is the core of you, I want who you are to be a vein, a vessel for I AM, for who I AM to flow through you and be an altar of worship, singing holy (set-apart), holy (set-apart), holy (set-apart), holy (set-apart) …!”

While He said that, the golden door flung open and a white structure flowed out, with golden and silver writings on it. I AM’s character and nature was inside of it – humility, holiness(set-apartness), love, gentleness, etc. “Sarah My love, this is the message for this hour, teach My people how to sanctify their DNA because this is what My bride looks like. I see what flows out of that door is His seed [love and righteousness]. If it is the black door, it is hasatan’s seed [pride and rebellion]. Father’s seed births purity and holiness (set-apartness) and results in a set-apart virgin bride, where satan’s seed births pride, harlotry, idolatry – it is mexed seed – and this makes you a harlot bride that can give birth to Nephilim babies.

Yeshua showed me that the written things on our DNA become what our mind meditates upon. Your mind literally records whatever is inside the DNA. For example, when there is generational racism seed in your DNA, you have a judgmental, prideful, racist stronghold in your mind (of course you don’t acknowledge it as that) because you inherit the seed from your fathers, it hides in you and when trauma occurs it explodes like a bomb in your soul.

It is the same with homosexuality; if there is a seed of rejection, to which a spirit latches that attacks and breaks down your identity physically, because there is no love inside of that seed, it can very easily manifest in one becoming homosexual. The homosexual spirit is the stronghold that the structure of your soul puts up to defend itself, but it comes out of a seed of rejection out of the pits of hell.

We are in a spiritual battle that manifests in the natural and the war is already won, if we would just start to apply the Blood of the Lamb, we would start to taste victory and freedom. Our weapon is the BLOOD OF THE LAMB (which carries Yeshua’s DNA) because it is the fullness of I AM’s LOVE, poured out for our salvation, redemption, deliverance, healing, freedom…

REPENT, so that you can be called righteous like Noah was righteous in all his generations!


Summary in Jesus Name

And if that wasn’t confirmation enough for ‘ya, GLORY TO GOD, our brother Kenneth just pointed out this Biblical confirmation of what this sister Sarah was shown by the Lord.


Sarah wrote: The next moment it was as if I was inside of a body and I see conception taking place, the sperm cell and the egg cell colliding, merging and ‘becoming’ a baby. I see the seed in very much detail; there were these little things like white vessels that looked like trees inside the seed and at the same time, while I was looking at that, I also saw that the seed is like a book and there are many, many words inside that very tiny seed.

The Psalmist wrote: Thine eyes did see my substance, yet being unperfect (unformed); and in thy book all my members were written, which in continuance were fashioned, when as yet there was none of them. (Psalm 139:16)



 original link

December 12th, 1992

In my dream it seemed I was in front of the apartment building where I live.  As I was standing and looking at the overhead clouds, a black bird, of a gigantic size, suddenly appeared.  It was coming toward the ground with great speed.  As it approached, it spread its wings.  When I looked, I saw that something was written on the wings.  It said, “Power has been given to me to be able to come against the Christians in a short time.”

On the beak of the bird was written, “I want to make war against the true Christians – those that serve God with their hearts, their lives, and their actions not only in name.   We’ll see if they will be able to stand up against me… We’ll see… I am a warrior.  I fight against Christ.”

This bird, of undescribable size, was never calm.  It soared up and down.  As I watched, I was able to see how terrifying and mean it looked.  Suddenly, it dropped a ribbon which said, “It will not be long before I will declare war against the Christians.  I myself will fight with all my strength.”  Again it began to soar upwards.  Then, suddenly, a cloud of rain, thunder, and lightning appeared!  A lightning bolt hit the bird and it fell to the earth.  To me it seemed dead.  Feeling great joy that it was dead, I went to study it more closely.  As I was looking at it, it raised its head and said, “Do you really think I’m dead?  I just played dead because I did not want Christ to be mad at me.  In a short time, though, I will be allowed to fight against the Christians in this country.”  Then it shot up like an arrow, and circled over me once.  It dropped a letter, that was written in English.  I gave the letter to my daughter to read.   It said, “I was given power on earth to fight against all those that serve and do the work of God.  I have succeeded in destroying some, and others I have taken prisoner.  In a short time I will be allowed to fight against you, and others like you. -Lucifer.”

Terrified and troubled by my dream, I woke up and told my family.  Now I am also telling it to you.

original link


Beheaded: Obama’s Syrian Rebels Decapitate Christian Bishop

Obama To Force All Churches To Perform Gay Marriages?

Obama slated to name five openly homosexual foreign ambassadors

religious freedom extended in Russia faithful allowed Corpus Christi procession after 95 years while obama persecutes Christians In america

Sudden Destruction Dream


June 29, 2013
Written by AngelWings7
Inspired by The Holy Spirit

This morning (06-29-13) the Lord gave me a dream/vision which was so powerful and indicative of “Sudden Destruction” on America that I wanted to share it with you.

In my dream/ vision I could see many missiles flying in the sky and also in the ocean depths.  There were people scrambling, screaming, running for their lives, hiding in the mountains trying to get cover.

There was chaos all around, destruction — everything destroyed by these missiles. I saw the missiles flying in the sky and in the ocean.

I saw them pass right by me, but NOT ONE hit me.  I was being protected by the Lord.

The oceans were roaring and violent like a tsunami and the waves were swallowing people up that were on the shore. The violent waves were swallowing everything in its sight. There was no way of escaping this devastating event.

There were also fires breaking out due to the missiles and the fiery explosions. Furthermore, buildings, homes, everything in sight was crumbling to the ground. While all this was happening I was able to witness the catastrophic events.

Then suddenly I felt this wind.  My body began to lift off from the ground. I was beginning to head to the sky at a rapid rate of speed. 

As this was happening, the people on the ground were in awe and in shock when the Bride of Christ was ascending into the clouds.

The Lord gave me the understanding that soon things will never be the same again. Sudden destruction and the wrath/judgment of God is coming upon America due to her sinful ways, disobedience and not following the laws of God.

Time is running out. The Lord is at the door to take the Bride of Christ home very soon. Keep looking up!!!!!!!!


May 30, 2013
written by Rachelle

The dream started out with me standing in an office building off the I-60 in the East Valley in Mesa, AZ. It was a normal, sunny day and absolutely nothing out of the ordinary taking place. As I was looking out the window, I noticed something that looked like an airplane fall out of the sky and hit the ground. Upon further inspection, I realized it was not a plane but rather a missile! The missile was all white in color with red block letters on the side of it saying “U.S.A”.

I was then outside of the office building on the freeway looking up, seeing more missiles falling from the sky around me, although none hit me directly. Many people were on the freeway as well, all walking east and no cars were present. I remember wondering to myself how anyone could think this was an act of terrorism originating from another country (apparently this is the official story that was/would be told), since the word “U.S.A” was actually written on the missiles themselves! I just got a sick feeling in my stomach as I realized that the day finally arrived that would change America forever. I knew the day was coming, but now it was finally here and I could not believe this was actually taking place. I knew from this point forward, America would never be the same. I remember that I kept wishing so bad that this was only a dream and that I’d wake up from this horror, but it wasn’t a dream, this was really happening. I also was so surprised at how this event came out of nowhere and with absolutely no warning. One minute everything was fine, the next minute missiles are falling from the sky. I was sick as I realized that this was the event that would take away our freedoms. I continued to walk east, as I knew my house was in that direction and hoping to get there soon and off the freeway.

Intermixed with the “regular” people walking on the freeway that were unaware that this event was about to take place were individuals that that were in on the event, knew of its happening and were possibly part of the NOW.   At one point, I was sitting with a little boy, who had a Bible in his hand. He was showing one of the people (a woman) that was behind this evil event the Bible, and showing her that this had all been prophesied many years ago in the Bible. She laughed at him saying how naive he was for actually believing that the Bible was true. I realized how tricky and manipulative these people were to get the rest of us (Christians) to discount the Bible and the truth. At one point I was kneeling down on the freeway continuously pleading the Blood of Jesus over me for safety and protection.

As I continued to walk east, a woman (one of the NWO people), pulled me aside and said she had to place a chip of some sort of device in my arm (between my elbow and shoulder). I wasn’t told its purpose but I suspected it was some type of tracking device. I told her I didn’t want it in my arm. She said, “But you don’t understand, it’s not optional, it’s mandatory!”. I asked her if I could think about it, to give myself an “out” and more time to dodge having it inserted in my arm.

At that point, I woke up immediately. I was so thankful it was only a dream because in the dream it all appeared so real that I was even wishing in the dream that it was only a dream. From this dream, I took away the following. The events unfolding (at least some of them) are “inside” jobs, although it will be blamed on other countries. These events will take place with absolutely no advance warning at a time that all seems “well”. Manipulation and deception will be used so you better know what you believe as truth!

The Curse of Infirmity (Breaking the Curse Series)

New Evil

I was in my morning prayer time and just asked the Lord if He had any word for us when I got this word.
Learn of Me, for I am meek and lowly. Imitate Me. Let your lives be a reflection of Me and you will reflect My glory. You will walk in My power when your lives reflect Me in every way, when your thoughts are like My thoughts, when your heart is set on doing My Kingdom work and not on yourselves.
Imitate your Father, My children, for I love you with an everlasting love and each one of you is very precious to Me, indeed. All I have is yours when you walk in My ways.
Come…..and walk with Me as Adam did in the cool of the day. Walk closely to Me so I may protect you from the new evil that is now entering your world. You will witness new evil and evil as never before. Some of it shall shock you, but all this has been foretold in My Holy Word.
Walk closely with Me, little children. Tell everyone you meet that I love them!
I could feel His urgency in these last words, I can feel that the evil coming is a really terrible one, and He longs to protect us all if only we will obey Him by walking closely to Him! I was reminded of a Mother with small children, when they are walking and a fast careless driver comes speeding down the road, how she pulls them close to protect them from harm. Will we heed His loving warning?
Matthew 11:29: Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls.
Jeremiah 31:3: The Lord hath appeared of old unto me, saying, Yea, I have loved thee with an everlasting love: therefore with lovingkindness have I drawn thee.
Genesis 3:8: And they heard the voice of the Lord God walking in the garden in the cool of the day: and Adam and his wife hid themselves from the presence of the Lord God amongst the trees of the garden. link